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At Jackson & Associates, a  solid clinical background provides the foundation for our nurses to effectively analyze medical information and devise expert legal strategies for our clients. We explore key points and uncover the subtleties of each case we work on, saving valuable time for the litigation team.

From the start, our firm expertly analyzes the injury and examines the work site for potential hazards. Our CEO, Cherissa Jackson, is board certified in legal nurse consulting (LNCC), the only experience based legal nurse consulting certification meeting the standards of the American Board of Nursing Specialties, and has over 14 years of experience consulting with top medical professionals.

It is this experience which enables her firm to be successful in matters of medical litigation. By only networking with the best certified medical experts and legal consultants; Jackson & Associates is the “Secret Weapon” to helping attorneys win cases and settle quickly.

Why Work With Jackson & Associates


Medical litigation collaborators and strategists


Decipher and explain medical language for easy case understanding


Screen damage issues in potential new cases


Expertly examine, recognize and interpret medical information


Proven system for specific state statutes


Specialized healthcare education and clinical experience

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We offer a free review of your case. This review will let you know if your potential case has merit, saving you time and money.
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Our Services


Establish medical standards


Analyze medical records


Prepare witness deposition questions


Translate medical code


Define applicable Standards of Care


Chronological sequence


Expert witness testimony


Prepare demonstrative evidence


Prepare comprehensive reports


Prepare witnesses and experts for deposition and trial


Screen cases


Research medical literature


Prepare witnesses for deposition


Trial preparation


Coordinate and attend independent medical exams

Medical Expert Witnesses

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The right expert can offer a powerful advantage during litigation. Jackson & Associates takes a multidisciplinary approach, providing top law firms with highly qualified consultants and expert witnesses.

What sets us apart is our commitment to both quality in education and experience, which directly correlates to the end results our clients receive.

Litigation Case Screening

Detailed Screening & Review

Meticulous screening of the evidence is prepared and completed. If required, experts are presented for the case. All evidence is obtained and carefully screened. Our custom case-by-case approach maximizes value for our clients.

Discrete. Professional. Always there. Start-to-finish case support from medical professionals who understand litigation and what it means to your firm.

Retain The Right Experts

Get quick and cost-effective legal advise

Jackson & Associates is a certified nurse owned and operated company representing a wide array of medicinal specialties.

Expect only board certified, active in medical practice assistance for your case. These credentialed nursing specialists give you the support necessary to assure diligent reviews, with impeccable credentials behind their opinions.

Trusted By Professional Organizations

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Strategic Analysis Of Your Case

Jackson & Associates explains the intricacies of your medical case in an easy to understand format. At the same time, we strengthen your legal position and work closely with you to ensure you are prepared and ready to present these medical issues in court.


From the start, patient records are scrutinized and immediate attention is given to the facts demonstrated. Evidence is gathered of the employee and their condition, and the employees’ role in the mishap is evaluated.

Why We’re Different

  • Essential Recommendations For Discovery 100%
  • Investigate Injuries For Compensibility 100%
  • Proven System For Specific State Statutes 100%
  • Courtroom Testifying Experience 100%

Quality Assurance

  • Medical experts available to discuss case.
  • Chart review followed by phone consultation.
  • Exhaustive medical research.
  • Record releases obtained on claimants.

Markets Served

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Toxic Tort

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