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Our Medical Consultants Improve Legal Strategy


What is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

A CLNC® consultant is a registered and qualified nurse who has successfully completed the rigorous CLNC® Certification Program. CLNC® consultants are qualified experts who can quickly pinpoint and interpret complex medical and nursing issues in any case involving health, illness or injury.


Why do you need a CLNC® consultant?

The CLNC® consultant is an expert in the healthcare system and can explain complex medical records and terminologies related to a case. They provide useful high level and cost-effective expertise for medical record review and analysis.


When should you call a CLNC® consultant?

The Certified Legal Nurse Consultant provides useful information and identifies medical issues right from the initial consultation of the case.  They are experts who decipher and comprehend high volumes of cryptic medical records easily. Call one of our consultants any time you have medical related questions about your case.


Why should you consult with a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant if you’re already using an MD?

CLNC® consultants provide efficient and cost-effective services that convey and simplify medical issues related to the case. RNs work closely with patients day in and day out and they clearly understand the qualms in the healthcare system. CLNC® consultants save time and money by easily interpreting and clarifying complex medical issues.


Can a CLNC® consultant testify in court?

Yes. Our CLNC® consultants can testify in court. Additionally, since they are a part of the healthcare system, they have access to physicians and forensic experts from various medical and other related fields.