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Jackson & Associates provides patients with expert arbitration, mediation and negotiation services to settle issues relating to access of care, medical debt, and job retention.

Our nursing consultants provide services to support patients, survivors, and caregivers. We advocate for patient rights, matters of privacy, informed consent, patient representation and awareness building.

Jackson & Associates guides you through the confusing maze of health care with caring and sensitivity. Our medical professionals focus exclusively on your needs and assist in resolving concerns about the quality of your care. Our team ensures that you get the care you need and that your voice is heard.

Why Work With Jackson & Associates


Expertly examine, recognize and interpret medical information


Decipher and explain medical language for easy case understanding


Medical litigation collaborators and strategists


Specialized healthcare education and clinical experience

 Get Answers From Experienced Medical Advisors


We offer a free review of your case. This review will let you know if your potential case has merit, saving you time and money.

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Our Services


Establish medical standards


Analyze medical records


Healthcare advocacy


Translate medical code


Define applicable Standards of Care


Managed care facilitation


Second medical opinion


Prepare comprehensive reports


Prepare demonstrative evidence


Independent medical evaluation


Insurance claims


Research medical literature


Medical bill auditing


Trial preparation


Coordinate and attend independent medical exams

 Insurance Dispute

No obligation, free initial expert consultation


The right expert can offer a powerful advantage during dispute resolution. Jackson & Associates takes a multidisciplinary approach, providing patients with highly qualified consultants and medical legal services. What sets us apart is our commitment to both quality in education and experience, which directly correlates to the end results our clients receive.

Medical Case Screening

Detailed Screening & Review

We offer a free screening and review of your medical case summary by a qualified, board certified nurse consultant. This initial review will save you time and money by ensuring your potential case has merit. Our experts provide analysis of your case and each stage—research to review, analysis to opinion—is addressed in a comprehensive manner.

Seasoned Consultants

Get quick and cost-effective legal advise

Jackson & Associates is a certified nurse owned and operated company representing a wide array of medicinal specialties. Expect only board certified, active in medical practice assistance for your case. These credentialed nursing specialists give you the support necessary to assure diligent reviews, with impeccable credentials behind their opinions.

Trusted By Professional Organizations

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Strategic Analysis Of Your Case

All patients get a FREE initial Consultation. Our certified nursing consultants discuss concerns about your care, and we provide medical advise and are your advocate. Through our experience, we have found that patients feel more comfortable talking to our nurses because of our compassion, our knowledge and our inherent desire to support our patients. Patients trust us to screen and review their medical records and report analysis of our findings, identifying any medical negligence or malpractice.

Why We’re Different

  • Health Care System Navigation 100%
  • Experts At Defending Your Medical Rights 100%
  • Medical Care Advice & Second Opinion 100%
  • Advocavy To Improve Your Care 100%

How Our Process Works

  • Patients are given a thorough analysis of their records.
  • All mishaps are identified and explained.
  • Arbitration, mediation & negotiation begin.
  • Successful resolution is achieved.

Markets Served

  • All medical related cases

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